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The journey


Andaluz Trading started, as most businesses, as an idea, a dream of a better life. year after year we were struggling and as a result the problems kept bubbling. So we took the plunge to make it on our own. We know it's not going to be easy, but for the first time in years, we are motivated and happy; destiny is in our own hands .

I can't lie,I have never written a blog before. But we saw it as a chance to share our journey; to connect with people and have discussions. Talk about our products, the ideas we have and see what you think about them. So we invite you to be part of our journey.

Our journey was started with a growing discontent,
work all day, come home and vent.
The regular life was getting us down,
no matter the amount of pound,
we would earn, the fire for life went out,
working for these Mr.Burns.
We hit a brick wall, so we had to turn,
in a new direction,
not happy with our reflection.
Started game planning, so we could make things better,
Bring in the Spanish cheese and see a rise in our cheddar.
Introduce you to extra virgin olive oil because there's nothing fresher.
Import the finest Artisan produce, nothing lesser.
Turn our backs on our jobs and face the pressure.
A risk leaving a steady income,
but we put our money on the table and bet you,
that we would see it through.
Travel up every mountain and through all the dirt,
because authenticity is our biggest necessity.
We would source it, import it, tag it and bag it.
Introduce it to the market and flog it,
then see the turnover in profit,
were putting in the work, you can't knock it.
Our journey has only just started,
so sit back and watch it.


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