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Fresh Ideas/ Andaluz community

How to expand? All businesses eventually need to take the steps into expansion. This can be through new products, better marketing and entries into new, and bigger markets. In this blog, I will be sharing some of our ideas of how we plan to expand and grow. The goal is to establish the Andaluz community.

How to make Tapas

The internet is the world's biggest market, countless millions are a click away. We want to create online content, that will engage, entertain and reach as many people as possible. The first step of the plan will be to create our unique How To videos. How to make Tapas to be exact. We have a passion for Spanish culture and cuisine. The 7 years we lived in Spain were the best years of our lives. In those years, we learned a lot of new things, tasted wonderful food and drink and experienced new cultures. Those 7 years shaped and made us who we are, and where we are today. We want to bring you entertaining and easy to follow How to videos, that we hope you will all enjoy. We will share our secrets of how to make a selection of beautiful tapas: Paellas, bravas, catalanas, albondigas, tortillas and so many more tasty dishes will be created. Simple, healthy and delicious food is what we want you to enjoy! We have started on these videos and are now trying to perfect the recording with our limited tech! We will keep working on them, until we have videos that are enjoyable, engaging and authentic; we are always working on the perfect recipe!

The Andaluz Community

We want to establish a community full of unique and entertaining content for all members. One of our long term goals is to create an Andaluz Community, where our members have access to great recipes, updates on new exciting products, How to videos other video content plus attractive discount vouchers for members only. The content is being created and the bricks are being laid for this to happen. We want to engage with you, and give you authentic and original content. It will take time of course, but we are working every day to make this happen…. For now, please enjoy our very own recipe for making a Spanish Omelette, Tortilla Española! Buen Provecho! Enjoy!


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