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Up the mountains, through all the dirt. The search is on.

It was 9am and we had departed, The 600km round trip had started.

We set off early Thursday morning for our travels. Today was the day we would be meeting numerous suppliers all around Anadalucia. For those who don't know, Andalucia is a big mountainous place; it was going to be a full day of travelling and business.

Malaga to Granada. Up and down the mountains on the small winding roads. The scenery was magic, a day with rain, sun and snow.

3 different meetings, 3 different locations. Our goal is to search for the finest artisan produce and we would start in Andalucia. It started with Competa. A beautiful little village right up in the mountains of Malaga. Famous wines and organic produce is what Competa is famous for. The drive isn't for the feint hearted…About an hour drive up the mountain, where there were no straight roads. Vertical twists and turns, with no hard shoulder. This isn't your normal driving! Small fears aside, we made it and couldn't wait to start finding all the great products produced up here. An award-winning wine had caught our eye, but we left empty handed. The supplier was shut, it must have been siesta time.
1st stop was a bust,

Midday we didn't expect them to be shut.

But no worries, the journey goes on,

Next stop Granada, the journey was going to be long.

We have never had a problem with long journeys in Spain. Everything is spread out and open; mountain ranges, beaches and reservoirs, mixed with business ideas. The hours breezed by. Eventually we were deep into Granada, the highest olive groves in the whole of Spain. Olive trees were everywhere. Anywhere you looked was an olive tree, it was amazing. A couple hours away from the city of Granada and we had reached our destination. We had arrived at our olive oil producer. We took the tour of the factory, and were shown step by step how this wonderful, tasty Extra Virgin Olive Oil was made. The process was astonishing! The machinery, the science and the quality of olive is what produces this olive oil. The various machines, and methods used to create this Olive oil were very unexpected, but we saw for our own eyes, the freshness of the olives and how the quality was assured. The experience fuelled us with excitement and determination. We had new ideas and gained more understanding of the products. We know, when you try this Extra Virgin Olive oil, you will love it. That's why we are offering a special promotion on 750ml Conde de Benalua DOP cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil

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I hope you enjoyed the blog and please enjoy the Olive oil….Buen Provecho, Enjoy!


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