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Life on the market

The early morning starts aren't for those with faint hearts,
When the 5am alarm rings we can never snooze because we have everything to lose.
Took the risk of controlling our own future,
I realise thats not something everyone would choose,
because one bad move can leave you in doom,
But this is our flower,
So we will water it and watch the bloom.
Thats why we dont sit back and cower,
we did every market possible, because it would allow us,
to get our brand out there.
This is the groundwork to get where we want to be.
Markets arent as easy as they may seem,
hour after hour of no customer, cue the tumble weeds,
It can create nightmares from dreams.
Patience is the key, the money fragrence of a good day,
can make you feel like a supreme being.
The sweet feeling of a sale tastes like strawberry sorbet,
When they taste the products the sale is on, its gourmet.
Alliviate some of the pressure that weighs,
On our shoulders.
We want to get rid of it & it makes us bolder,
We are warming up not getting colder.
Everyday we are getting older,
But that means we are getting one day closer,
To showing you all the ideas that have been flowing through the Andaluz crew.


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