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Our product line is continually growing. So many wonderful tasty things from Spain which we are discovering and bringing to you. Our travels have introduced us to passionate artisan producers always willing to go the extra mile in the pursuit of excellence. Very soon we will be offering you a range of pure organic produce, including, Hot & sweet Pimenton(paprika) sea salt, pure safron, paella spice, cherry tomatoes in olive oil, pastas, mountain honey & jams. We are so excited to be also offering you a range of excellent cured meats from La Extremadura, an area of Spain famed for the quality of it's chorizo, jamon, salcichon and cheeses. A few weeks back we were sent a box of goodies from our amigos at Hermanos Hoyos who produce melt in your mouth cured meats, obviously this is part of our job to taste wines and food to ensure their quality! needless to say the samples did not last long in our house as we devoured the delicious meats which we are sure you will love! We are busy dreaming up new recipes for your pleasure as we speak with all these new products in mind.

Fresh and delicious cooking
that's why we will never stop looking
for the precious products we love the most
coast to coast in the sun we would roast,
to show you the cuisine of the spanish
take the first bite, the flavours will soon make the food vanish!


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