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The Olive Oil process. Part 1

Here at Andaluz Trading we love our olive oil and believe we have some of the best produce available in the UK. We have seen the step by step process, of how the olive oil is created. So we decided to share all the juicy secrets behind our olive oil. We will show you the process, the methods, the science behind Conde de Benalua Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To begin with, an overview of the whole process! See each step and method used in the picture dowload below!


As a footnote we would like to explain the reasons for the jump in prices for extra virgin olive oil. The two main factors are the olive blight which effected the last olive harvest, millions of tons of olives were deemed unsuitable for extraction as a direct consequence of the blight which has decimated the crop around the mediterranean and pushed up prices as demand outstrips supply. The other major factor has been the fall in the value in Sterling post Brexit, if a hard Brexit is pursued we envisage inflation rising steeply for everyone in every facet of life. After so many years of near zero inflation we believe inflation will rise significantly and people will have to endure higher prices for everything from fuel to food. We will always endeavour to offer the finest quality products at the very best prices but we are working in a new era and will do our very best to pass any savings on to you, our great customers.


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