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Rain reality

It's a rainy day,

It's a windy day,

Everybody is away because it's a bank holiday.

Some of the excuses people choose to use,

When the money isn't coming & you haven't filled your boots.

But don't be crude,

Fortune favours the people that do,

The people that aren't afraid to lose.

Take it day by day, learn from the mistakes and never be rude.

Standing and shivering in the bad weather,

At times, it's hard to stop the light from dimming.

No pitch in hours, man this is taking forever,

Maybe I got ahead of myself and wasn't so clever;

Quitting my job to build on our own endeavour.

Swear it's so quiet some days you can hear the fat lady singing,

Like we failed this time so we'll start from the beginning.

But this is a test match, you bowled us out this time but there's still another inning.

Cut to a new week, the sun is shinning

And things aren't looking so bleak.

When the sun is out the fun is out,

People lining the streets, with smiles on their faces like they've got a handful of aces.

Willing to spend, willing to try,

Have a glass of wine, I'm sure it will please you…

And that's the sad reality,

One bad forecast could lead you to insanity,

Or people are out in force, the day is a blast,

And you're left with a smile and vison of clarity.


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