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The journey

Part 2

As we sit at the table, our vision is clear,
Financial freedom, no worrying & living in despair.
Opposite of Nostradamus because the end is no way near.
Every day I wake up, work in my pyjamas because I'm working with no fear,
But this road we travel on isn't as clear as it may appear.
2 months in and were steady progressing,
We are learning from all the lessons,
That's why we take time thinking about what's next.
New products is what we want to inject,
Suppliers are all over us but we only want the best.
Homemade cooking shows,
Self-made and no pay,
Just for all of those, who know about tapas but aren't sure.
We just want to show the pros.
Business after business we visit
So many times we are shown the door,
What is it?
Talking to some of these shop owners is like fighting a losing war.
But amongst the madness we have interest,
Our ideas will keep them onboard like Pinterest.
Start with 1, then take over like the Moors,
These things take time, I wanna bolt to the finish line,
Its Usain the way things are running.
Product promotions will keep coming & Facebook post will keep showing,
You all the journey.
Time can dismantle minds, but the fire is burning and shines.
So keep growing with us, as I tell you our story through these rhymes.
We want to be a company you can trust,
The ideas are from the heart & start from dust.
Day by day, part by part,
We stay motivated in cultivating our structure so it never rusts.


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