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Its time for the reintroduction,
Time off was to stop destruction.
In these times, it's been hard to write, hard to find the light to keep us moving.
But we're back,
Back on track,
Vision we don't lack,
Because new updates are looming.
Cant wait for you to taste these new products;
Chorizo in or out the pack, Jamon Iberico will have these supermarket brands seeming hysterical.
The taste is on a different level,
Quality assured, they're not even comparable.
And I didn't even mention the Queso, runner up award with the Manchego.
Didn't get first place, we want nothing but the best though.
New markets and cooking shows, updates to the website, we are rising over the lows.
It's the reintroduction, were back,
Excited for what the future holds, well give it 100% then who knows…


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Buen provecho!


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