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Sweet & spicy chorizo

From the Iberian pig, the two types of chorizo ooze flavour. The sweet chorizo is delicate but juicy with a taste that is hard to match. The spicy chorizo starts delicate and succulent, but has a hit of the spicy paprika that so many of us love. Reared in the rich green fields surrounding Salamanca, you will do well to find a better chorizo.

Sweet & spicy paprika

Smoked DOP Pimenton is a staple in Spanish cuisine and it’s not hard to see why. This red powder explodes with flavour in any dish it is used in. A sprinkle on some meat or added to a pasta sauce, you will certainly taste the difference. So do you want to add some strong spice? Or a strong but delicate sweetness to your meal?

Packs of meat (chorizo, jamon, salcichon, lomo)

The Iberian pig is indigenous to Spain and is considered the finest tasting pig Spain has to offer. The taste of the meats produced are strong, rich and melt in your mouth! This is because the pigs are reared free in lush fields and oak forests all around the city of Salamanca, Extremadura.  They also eat acorns for 3 months of every year, giving the meat its marvellous marbled appearance and smooth, delicate and sensational taste!


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