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Uncertain times?

Uncertain times on the horizon,

When you think about the state of the world it’s frightening.

Brexit is looming and the uncertainty is rising.

The effects are starting already,

The rise and fall of currency has got everybody checking their pricing.

Approaching a thunderstorm, hard for everyone to keep their boats calm and steady,

But put under pressure we got to be clam and ready.

Easier said than done when the pressure weighs heavy,

Yet our focus remains the same,

Give you the finest products from all around Spain.

We started off this race in our lane, at a good pace, but a slow puncture has got us behind, on the chase.

By this time, in our minds, we wanted to be in a better position, a better place.

We got time to make up,

That’s why we need a shake up or even a wakeup call.

Working jobs, we hate is all we need to keep pushing forward, toward peace of mind,

Trying to reach the finish line.

So even in uncertain times, we will continue to bring you our finest wines.

We love what we do,

Sharing our passion for Spanish food.

Well keep it original and authentic,

And the proof is in the rhymes in these lines.


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