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The Journey Part 2

March 15, 2017 our journey had started & with our very first blog, we invited you to be a part of it. Now it is September, so I thought we would reflect on: where we were, where we are now & where we want to be.

The beginning was full of excitement and a long ‘to do’ list! Every day we would wake up and throw ourselves into the day/ There was so much to work on & prepare; so we went full throttle. Organising ourselves for markets on the weekend & online were vital. We found our feet at the markets, to the point every week things ran smoothly. New ideas, concepts & posts have been going onto our online platforms, but there was still a lot to do…

We were on the path, ready to start,

The early bird nerves were mixed with excitement,

Everyday work, spreading our wings we were delighted.

It was only the beginning but we were charging into the next part.

Where we are now. Great progress has been made after stormy period. The markets were running so well, that we decided to expand. We now have 2 going on the weekends. The online presence is picking up, bit by bit. There is constant movement and posts on the social media platforms (Twitter & Facebook). #TheHomeCook has been great fun to do. Cooking up some lovely Tapas and sharing the recipe once a week! Also, great work has gone into our catalogue; with the intention of supplying wholesale…

As I look at where we are in this journey,

We’ve had ups & downs but we are continually learning.

Have to keep going because this point could be pivotal,

No luck, hard work & timing to create our own miracle.

Future steps. As I stated in the paragraph before, one big goal of ours is to supply wholesalers. Its not going to be easy and will take lots of phone calls & emails! The most exciting step we plan to take is to: refurbish and design our own food van. We will have our favourite Tapas and take them on the road! It’s going to take time and effort but we are determined to push in this direction and succeed…

Keep working right, mind uncompromised and the future will be bright,

Vision isn’t blurry, we’ve got a scope on what’s coming in sight.

But there’s no hurry, just taking it all in our stride,

Failure isn’t an option when you keep trying.   


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