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Feliz Navidad!

Gift sets

We know… it’s not Christmas yet…But we thought we would plan and share our Christmas ideas. First are the gift sets! We first used them at the Christmas markets we done last year. They were very popular, people loved the variety! Different sixes are available that contain a mixture of our products. The olive oil/ sherry vinegar gift set had a lot of interest as a small gift set. Larger sets that include: A bottle of wine, bottle of Extra Virgin olive oil, sherry vinegar & caviar olive were just as popular! Gift sets are available on our site, but we plan to add more variation ideas! To take the gift set idea even further, we can put together completely personalised gift sets, chosen by you! We can help you make your perfect gift set, all carefully & nicely packaged. The perfect gift for a foodie! Email us for a completely custom gift set!


Iberico Jamon legs available

No doubt, our bestselling product at the weekend markets! If you have ever tried a good quality leg; you won’t be surprised. In my opinion, you will struggle to find the same kind of quality anywhere in England. Bold statement maybe, but having lived in Spain, I have tried many & this is the best I have tried! The Jamon legs are available to order on our website. We can get hold of all different qualities of Jamon Legs with varying prices. Email us, and we can find you what you are looking for!


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