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A new spirit in us...

The Gins

The range of gins, Spirito Vetton is made in the region of Extremadura, Spain and is produced by the company Destilados de Espana. The company is a family business founded in 2013 and is dedicated exclusively to the production and distribution of high range beers and spirits, using the best raw materials of the land. A delicate selection of secret botanicals, mainly rosemary and basil, symbols of the Iberian Peninsula, is used for its preparation. Spirito Vetton is distilled five times in a traditional way resulting in maximum purity.

Cherry gin-  a new style of fruity gin (cherry) with five distillations to preserve the nature of dry gin. The gin is prepared with a fresh selection of fresh botanicals, that are macerated in a slow process. Tastes fresh and original. A sour and pleasant sensation at the start followed by herbal touches. Slightly spice towards the end. 

Extra dry gin- it is a traditional style dry gin with the singularity of including rosemary and basil within the botanicals used. Dry and clean gin with citric predominance. The alcohol is perfectly integrated, a pleasant drink with its own personality. Best served with: tonic or soda, slice of lemon and lots of ice. 


The Rum

The name of granadilla Rum comes from Tierras de Granadilla (Zarza de Granadilla, Caceres, Extremadura, Spain) the place where the company creates and designs this sweet cane elixir is located. Granadilla Aged Rum Top selection history starts in 2014 when two young men from Extremadura, both of them are agronomists and founding partners of the first brewery in Extremadura. Decided to investigate the development, production and design of premium rum, genuine & authentic. 2 years later, after several trips and experience gained in different American factories, in December 2016, the first Granadilla Aged rum bottles were bottled in collaboration with a distillery from Cadiz, with the rums matured for at least 18 months in American oak barrels. The taste is sweet at the start that changes to toasted wood. Also, light notes of vanilla, unequivocal symbol of the rum aging in high quality barrels.



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