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Cerex beer, considered by consumers the best craft beer of Spain 2015, is enshrined as the first factory of Extremadura beer since the demise of El Aguila beer in 1985. This small family business was founded in the year 2013 by the hand of the master brewers Marco Rubio and Alfonso Vallejo, both agricultural engineers. They have won several awards at national and international level, including the Superior taste awards in Brussels, where they have been awarded 2 golden stars in 2 consecutive years; that certify Cerex as one of the best drinks in the world.

Each part of the brewing process and Cerex has to be pampered, observing the fermentation and ripening time to obtain the best product possible, without needing to filter & pasteurize the beer in the process. Likewise the use of local raw materials from Extremadurra: acorns & cherries, is a differentiating element that makes Cerex beers a completely unique product.

The Pilsen

The best craft beer in Spain 2015, that has also been awarded two golden stars by international taste & quality institute. The beer has medium bitterness with notes of banana and apple.  

Cherry beer 

Awarded food of Spain 2016 by the Spanish ministry of agriculture, this new tasting beer has been very popular. The beer has fruity and floral aromas of fresh cherries and white flowers (orange blossoms & carnations). The beer has a slight bitterness from the hopes with notes of cherries. 

Iberica de beyota- beer made with Iberian acorns 

This beer has also been awarded 2 golden stars by the international taste & quality institute, as well as: food product of the year in Spain 2013 & food of Spain 2016 awarded by the ministry of agriculture. The beer has a clean pronounced earthy-rustic aroma, with nuances of dark chocolate, tobacco and toasted wood. 

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