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Rewards, this year & the next..

Andaluz REWARDS scheme

We are working on our rewards plan for our lovely customers (all of you!) We are still putting the finishing touches to the scheme, but you will need to join the Andaluz Community, by signing up to our mailing list, to be a part of the scheme. There is some good news though… To start our rewards scheme, any order of £25 or over you will receive a pack of beautiful olives! More to come…

End of year preparations

After a very busy year we are approaching the end & the start of a new year. We had previously told you about the Christmas plans, with the gift sets & Jamon legs. We are proud to announce that we have all the gift sets prepared and ready for the holidays! Lots of promotion will be done for the sets, as we believe they would make an excellent present for the foodies in our lives. New sizes & variations are available at the fairest prices we can offer with our personal Andaluz Trading customer service!

Into the new year

How has 2017 been for you? We have had a busy ride! And we will keep going in the new year; to keep growing & to give you the best flavours of Spain, but next year we plan to take those flavours on the road… With a new year comes fresh new years resolutions, we are determined to make ours a reality, what will yours be? 

We appreciate all of our friends, family & customers who have supported us & hope you will continue with us on our journey! We wish you peace, love & prosperity! 


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