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Food review: Tapas video

Lets have a look...

The cooking videos are up and running, with regular videos being made, starting with some delicious food ideas. But we thought to go one step further we would review some of the meals we have made! It will be a family review; so that there’s no bias from the Andaluz Trading crew 😉

Fried olives, chili and garlic mushroom tapas. We haven’t got a full meal, we have tapas; a great little starter to nibble before dinner. The tapas in question here are fried olives & chili + garlic mushrooms. 2 lovely little starters when done with good ingredients & a little care!

First, we will have a look at the fried olives, an incredibly simple but ‘want more’ tapa. It is very important that the olives are well covered in breadcrumbs and not to fry for too long, were looking for a good crisp! Overall, I thought we done a pretty good job, fried for the perfect amount of time. Little bites full of intense flavour, but in the future, we need more breadcrumbs! Also draining your olives before adding them to the breadcrumb mix is key.

Next, we have the chilli + garlic mushrooms, a personal favourite. So simple but so good, the flavours are beautiful and work so well together. The garlic & extra virgin olive dew that covers the mushrooms, with a punch of spicy paprika will have you licking your lips! Although we did have one thing we'd like to suggest & try ourselves; that’s adding chunks of morcilla. We feel like some chunks of morcilla would really complement the tapa, if you don’t add to much… we don’t want morcilla taking over!


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