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2017: A year in words

An idea to make things better, decided to take a risk because we were ready.

We were new to this so we took it steady,

but the financial burden is heavy.

Unemployment braving, all energy into Andaluz Trading.

Financial independence, trying to fulfill the craving.

So we came up with a plan, bring you the finest wine for your glass

& the best cuisine for your pan. Online & markets were the start,

bring you food that will really touch your heart.

But the beginning was less than fast, a learning process we had to accept,

have to keep smiling even when our products you reject, can feel like a fall on the face after a misstep...

Times can be tough but the bigger picture we can't forget,

Sailing can turn smooth to rough, with the turning of the seas but it's not something you would see.

It can be hard to achieve when theres people around you who dont believe,

start seeing a nightmare in what you thought were dreams.

The lights have been dim but they're only a flick away from full beam.

Chances of succeeding slim, yet everyday doing our own thing is a win.

Want to be further ahead in this race, however we all need a place to begin.

Very rarely do hard times last longer than temporary, its just pressure grows and it can seem scary.

But here we are, end of the year is here & our progress I can see clearly.

So its a year in words to talk about where we are so far,

it's been a hard year but we've come so far.

Pen to paper to refresh our memories, started by sharing our favourite recipes, 

try it, you'll see the flavours work incredibly!

Took it a step further with the cooking videos, easy to follow like head, shoulders, knees & toes.

Keep an eye next year for the weekly shows...

Taking our market to different counties; expand the business & talk about it proudly.

There's so much more to come, but I won't scream about it loudly.

Just wanted to take this time, to tell this story through rhymes.

Say thank you to the people who have been with us since the start line.

We appreciate the love & support, that's why we started the Andaluz rewards, we can't wait to offer you more.

So we wish you a happy christmas & a prosperous new year, just remeber your taste of Spain is right here1 


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