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Food review: Chicken & chorizo pinchitos

Pinchitos… there’s something about skewered meat that we love! And the pinchitos in question today are chicken and chorizo iberico. First, and crucially we need to marinade the chicken. The marinade can make or break the whole tapa, therefore it's crucial that we take time to prepare & to have the best quality products available. Our homemade marinade consists of: Extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and spicy pimenton. We made sure to use plenty, so the meat would be soaked properly. In our opinion the pimenton is the key ingredient. Full of spice and flavour, it really transforms the chicken. But just as important as the marinade itself, is leaving the chicken to soak. We left it for about 2 hours, to allow the chicken to really absorb the flavours. Then it's to the cooking… Start with the chicken. On a low/medium heat, keep the chicken turning; we don’t want any burns! Then add in the chorizo iberico. A spicy gem, which is delicious when fried. Again, it's important to keep the meat turning and to keep the heat low. This allows all the cooking juices to release and cook into the meat. When cooked, spear the meat and make sure you drizzle the remaining cooking juices onto the pinchitos. The final product is beautiful. The flavours work so well together, packed full of punchy spice thanks to the pimento and chorizo. With the smoothness of the extra virgin olive oil that stops the spices overpowering the tapa.

Make it better… next time we will add some vegetables. Mushrooms & peppers to be exact. The charred veg will also soak up the juices of the meat but will add another, fresh dimension. The sweetness of the pepper will add great balance and flavour with the spices!

Fancy making some pinchitos? Have a go and let us know what you think! Find the chorizo iberico, extra virgin olive oil & pimenton here: https://www.andaluztrading.com...

Buen Provecho!


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