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Food review: Chickpeas & chorizo

Chickpeas & chorizo… sounds simple… maybe a bit bland…. WRONG! The name is just two of the ingredients that goes into this deliciously filling tapa!

First, we start with the veg. onions and garlic chopped and lightly fried. Cooking tip: this meal is best cooked at a low heat; so, things don’t burn & to allow all the flavours to release. Next is something that is not well known but is a vital component. We’re talking sobresada. By sight it looks like chorizo but do not get it twisted they are not the same! Its soft like patte and has a more intense taste of paprika than chorizo. We want to chop and separate the sobresada, then mix in around the pan. This chorizo like patte serves as the base of our sauce. Once the sobresada is in we added chopped tomatoes, with a pinch of salt and pepper to complete the sauce. After a good stir, its time for (my favourite) chorizo iberico. Spicy & succulent, full of flavour which gets even better when fried! Then came the chickpeas. Very healthy, very tasty & also very filling, great for dinner! Once all the ingredients are in and mixed we leave to bubble and simmer… The smell is a signal of how good this meal will be; it smells amazing. Then serve!

I must say, without being biased. I thought we did a pretty damn good job! This tapa is so full of flavour with the spiciness of the sobresada & chorizo with the unique taste of chickpeas to stop the spices taking over. We would definitely recommend that all the foodies out there try this! 


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