3 samples of our wonderful olive oils

Conde de Benalua



Conde De Benalua produce a superb selection of high quality and unbeatable fresh tasting extra virgin olive oils
We will ship you a 25ml sample bottle of Conde de Benalua Gourmet extra virgin olive oil,
a 25 ml sample bottle of Conde de Benalua certified organic extra virgin olive oil and a 25 ml sample bottle of the award winning Amargar y Pica early harvest extra virgin olive oil. Receive a 25% discount voucher on your next purchase(minimum spend of £10)
Buen provecho!

SKU: 10039 TAGS: Extra virgin, Early harvest, Organic, Olive oil, cooking oil, Conde de benalua, Cold pressed, certified, designation of origin, Amarga y pica, Award winning

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