Artisan Spicy Chorizo Iberico de Bellota/ Acorn fed Iberico Chorizo 1kg pack

Hermanos Hoyos



Enjoy the very best spicy chorizo Iberico de Bellota in a great value 1 kg bag ideal for barbeques.

Black Iberico pigs are native to Spain and thier production is centred in the region of La Extremadura to the west of Spain. These free range pigs wander around the meadows of La Extremadura all thier lives and in the autumn when the acorns drop from the abundant oak trees in this region, the pigs gorge themselves for 3 months on acorns which give rise to the unique marbled meats produced. Produced by the esteemed Hermanos Hoyos in Salamanca by simply mixing with locally produced smoked hot pimenton(paprika) these authentic spicy chorizo's explode in the mouth when cooked. truly delicious!

available in 1kg and 5 kg packs and wholesale


Iberian acorn fed pork




powdered milk protein

no colourants

Gluten free

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