100gr machine sliced pack of Salcichon iberico de bellota/ Iberico acorn fed salami

Hermanos Hoyos



La Extremadura region in the west of Spain is world reknowned for producing the very finest Iberico de bellota (Iberian acorn fed pigs). This production is centred around the beautiful city of Salamanca to the north west of Madrid. In this lush and verdant region of Spain the Iberian pigs wander freely feasting in the meadows until the Autumn when they congregate beneath the oak forests and gorge themselves on the abundant acorns dropping from the trees. the digested acorns give rise to the famous marbled meats that are so delicious.In partnership with Hermanos hoyos from Salamanca we offer you machine sliced 100gr packs of exquisite salcichon iberico de bellota for your enjoyment as part of our tapas selection which includes 100gr packs of chorizo iberico, jamon iberico, lomo(pork loin) iberico, artisan olives and cheeses.Buen Provecho!

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