"Las Hermanas" Hot smoked DOP Pimenton de La Vera(spicy paprika) 70gr tin

Las Hermanas



After conducting extensive research and testing numerous products we are delighted to now offer a carefully selected essential ingredient of Spanish cuisine.
Pimenton is widely used in Spanish dishes to add a smokey and sweet paprika taste to a wide variety of dishes, including stews, marinades and much more.
Vera in the region of La Extremadura is reknowned in Spain for producing the very best quality smoked Pimenton. 
The mature, locally grown peppers are dried using traditional smoking rooms fired by oak wood. This controlled heat creates the perfect dehydration conditions and gives rise to the 3 fundamental charateristics of Pimenton de La Vera, Aroma,Taste & Consistent Colour.
Available in an attractive 70gr decorated Tin and coming soon also available in bittersweet & sweet
99% dried smoked pepper
1% sunflower oil

available in box of 12 or 24 and wholesale

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